Nonwovens, weaving brilliance

We specialize in producing high quality the inner layer of medical masks, and we also offer wholesale mask outer layer in the largest quantity and a wide range of colors.With the global pandemic outbreaks slowing down, masks have become more than just a momentary preventative tool, they have become a daily standard and habit. With this in mind, we transformed our ideas through printing into one-of-a-kind customized products that make masks not only personal protection but also fashionable fun.

This vision also led us to start printing on textile fabrics.Initially, we used sublimation printing, but as the technology stabilized, we realized that traditional sublimation printing was only suitable for polyester fibers and could not meet the needs of a wide range of materials. Therefore, we purchased state-of-the-art digital printing machines to expand our business into new areas. With a new rhythm and innovative energy, we have taken steady steps in the pursuit of quality, from weaving masks for daily life to printing fabrics for the colorful world, one step at a time.

Over the past forty years, we have stepped on the wave of entrepreneurship, from the initial production of non-woven fabrics for the inner layer of masks to the world of fabric printing today; these forty years have not only been a journey of growth for us, but also an adventurous journey for our extended family.

At the same time, countries around the world are actively addressing the challenges of energy efficiency, carbon reduction and net-zero emissions. Our nonwoven fabrics have no exhaust gas or wastewater emissions during the production process. For printing, we use spraying instead of dyeing to reduce chemical dyeing of fabrics and avoid water pollution and waste. For ink selection, we only choose environmentally friendly and non-toxic original ink to ensure printing quality and safety issues. In order to realize the business operation and environmental protection issues.

This time, FASL will demonstrate its expertise in nonwovens, masks and printing technology at ANEX 2024, and we look forward to seeing you during the show!

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